Wine Braised Pork with Polenta


Tochitura de Porc with Mamaliga


500g Boneless Pork Chops
200g Smoked Sausage (kielbasa works fine)
2-5 Cloves of Garlic
500ml Dry White Wine
1 Teaspoon Fresh Thyme or Oregano
500g Corn Meal
Olive Oil
1 Egg for Frying


Brown cubed pork in a dutch oven over medium-high flame. Add diced smoked sausage and brown.
Add a few cloves of minced garlic to the bottom of the pot and sautée until fragrant.
For the braising liquid, add 500ml or 2 cups of dry white wine to the pot, along with 250ml of water.
Season with salt and pepper to taste as well as 1 teaspoon of fresh thyme, oregano, or other aromatics.
Cover and simmer for 1 hour until the wine reduces and the meat becomes tender.

For the mamaliga (polenta) salt some water and bring to a boil. One spoonful at a time, add cornmeal.
Stir continuously until a thick porridge forms. Add a drizzle of olive oil and mix it in.

Serve the pork over the mamaliga with a fried egg on top.

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