Korean Barbecue Kimchi Pizza


김치 피자


200g Pork Belly
2 Cheongyang Chilis
3 Cloves Garlic
500g Bread Flour
350ml Water
10g Sugar
7g Salt
7g Yeast
25g Olive Oil
500ml Kimchi
20ml Sesame oil
1 Anchovy Kelp Packet
10ml Dark Soy Sauce
10ml Mirim
10ml Honey


To make the dough for two 16" pies, mix 500g of bread flour with 10g sugar, 7g salt, 7g active dry yeast, 25g olive oil, and 350ml of warm water in the bowl of a stand mixer.
This is a 70% hydration dough. Feel free to adjust ingredient amounts proportionally to make more or less dough.
Using the hook attachment, knead the dough for 5 minutes, or by hand for 10min.
Divide that dough in half, transfer to two oiled containers, and ferment in the fridge overnight or for up to 3 days. The longer it ferments the better it'll taste.

Next for the topping, gently cook 200g of thinly sliced pork belly, or uncured american bacon in a skillet until it turns white.
Remove to a paper towel to cool, then add it to a bowl along with 10ml each of dark soy sauce, mirim, sesame oil, and honey. Transfer to the fridge to marinate while we work on our kimchi.

Slice a quarter-head of kimchi lengthwise and place it in the skillet we used to cook our bacon along with 10ml of sesame oil.
Turn the heat to medium high, and let it fry for a few minutes until the color of the leaves changes.
Next, add an anchovy kelp broth packet to 1L of water and bring it to a boil. Remove the packet and pour the broth into the skillet with the kimchi.
Braise the kimchi for 45min or until most of the broth has evaporated. This will concentrate and deepen the flavor of the kimchi.

While the kimchi is cooking, preheat your oven to its maximum temperature – about 260°C – with a baking steel, pizza stone, or sheet tray inside.
Remove your dough from the fridge, shape it into a taught ball, then place it back into a covered, oiled container to come to room temperature.
Dough is more easily stretchable without tearing when it's warm.

Once the kimchi is cooked, blend it in a food processor to your desired thickness.

Now let's shape the dough. Dust your work surface thoroughly with flour and transfer the dough ball to it. Press out the dough with your fingertips into the size and thickness you like, then transfer it to a well floured pizza peel, or a sheet tray.
Working quickly, before the dough has a chance to stick to the peel, top your pie with a ladle-full of kimchi – use less than you think you need as it's powerful. Sprinkle some shredded mozzarella around the top, and finally strain and place your marinated pork, chilis, and garlic on the pie. As you're going, give the peel a little jiggle to test if your dough is sticking. If it is, lift up a corner of the dough and add more flour to the part that's sticking.

Now confidently slide your dough into the oven – keeping the peel at a shallow angle works better than a steeper one – and after a minute turn on your broiler. This will crisp the top and compensate for the low heat output of a standard home oven.
Once the crust is golden and feels fully baked, remove it to a cutting board to cool for a minute. It's easier to slice once the cheese has had a chance to re-solidify a little.

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