Lamb Dumplings from Turkmenistan

Central Asia



250g Lamb
50g Pumpkin
50g Onion
250g Flour
100g Water
1 egg


For the filling, mince 250g of lamb by hand or with a food processor.
Add 50g of diced pumpkin — kabocha or acorn squash will work fine here — and 50g of diced onion.
Season with a few pinches of salt and freshly ground black pepper, and mix well by hand.

For the dough, mix 250g flour, a few pinches of salt, an egg, and 100g of water in a mixing bowl.
Knead until a smooth ball forms, adding more flour or water as needed.
With a flat rolling pin, roll out a 2mm thick sheet.
Fold the sheet lengthwise to form a 10mm wide stack, then cut crosswise to form 10mm squares.
Unfold the squares into strips, and cut those crosswise again to form 10mm wrappers.

To form the manti, place 1tbsp of the mince in the center of a wrapper.
Fold two opposing corners inwards, overlapping in the middle.
Next, take the other two corners and pinch them together in the middle.
Now you'll have 4 corners forming the base of your dumpling — take two corners on the outer edge and pinch them together. Do the same for the other side.
You should end up with a roughly triangular florette.

Once you've filled your dumplings, grease a steamer basket with butter or parchment, space out your dumplings and steam them for 45 minutes.

Serve with butter.

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