Moldovan Beef Potato Salad

Eastern Europe

Salată Boeuf


500g Beef
150g Peas
150g Carrots
150g Parsnip
150g Celery
500g Potato
150g Pickled Peppers
150g Pickled Cucumbers
S & P
2 egg yolks
15ml Yellow Mustard
300ml Oil
15ml Lemon Juice


Fill a pot with 1L of water and bring it to a boil.
Season 10g salt, a teaspoon of black peppercorns, and a few bayleaves.
Add 500g of lean beef (I used top round), and boil for 20min or until the beef reaches a safe internal temperature.
Remove the beef, allow to cool, then dice into 5mm cubes.

To a pot, add 150g each of diced carrots, diced parsnips, and peas, along with 500g of diced potatoes.
For a better texture, dice them all into 5mm cubes.
Add enough water to cover the vegetables, then bring to a boil for 10min or until soft.
Strain and let cool before adding to a mixing bowl with the beef, and 150g each of diced celery, diced pickled peppers, and diced pickled cucumbers.
Season with salt, pepper, and fresh chopped parsley.

Next, add 150ml of mayonnaise. If making fresh mayo, add two egg yolks, 15ml of mustard, the juice from half a lemon, and 5g of salt to a vessel that is slightly wider than your stick blender.
Make sure the mixture covers the blades of your blender. If not, add more egg yolks.
Add 100ml of vegetable oil, then turn on your blender, keeping it stationary against the bottom of the vessel for 10-15 seconds.
Once the mixture looks uniform, start tilting your blender to bring down the rest of the oil. It should have thickened to the consistency of mayonnaise.
Once all the oil has been incorporated your mayo is ready.

Mix the mayo in with the salad until everything is thoroughly coated.
Transfer the salad to an oiled mold of any shape, cover with plastic wrap, and let it set up in the fridge for an hour.
Once set, place a plate on top of the mold (removing the plastic wrap first), and flip the mold over.
Carefully remove the mold and your salad should now be a fun shape.
If not, put it in a bowl and don't tell anyone.

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